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Chao Food

Feed your Chao to raise him better(To the Fittest)


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Chao Fruits and seeds


What are Seeds?

Seeds are items Chao will sometimes get when you successfully complete Chao Adventure 2.

How do I plant them?

In order to plant a seed you must give it to a Chao that has won both the Stump Valley and the Crab Pool
courses on difficulty level 3. Then you just hand the seed to the Chao and it'll walk around until it finds a
good spot to plant it.

NOTE: All Fruit from seeds (with the possible exception of the Wonder Seed) increase a Chao's Stamina

About Seeds

Not all Chao like all the fruit from the planted seeds. There are fruit from certain seeds that Hero Chao dislike and that Dark Chao dislike. Here is a list of known seed types and which Chao type (Hero or Dark) like them.

Dark Seeds Neutral Hero Seeds

Creepy Seed Power Seed Tall Seed
Rough Seed Tall Seed Vitality Seed
Forbidden Seed Vitality Seed Tasty Seed
Strong Seed Tasty Seed Rare Seed
Power Seed Forbidden Seed Wonder Seed
Rare Seed Strong Seed
Rough Seed Power Seed
Strong Seed

Once planted, the seed trees will last for a little while and then die out. You can make seed trees last a little longer by putting a Chao with a Watering Can next to the tree and it might water it. If you keep petting it
when it does this, it'll get the idea and water the trees a lot. You can plant up to 6 trees in one garden at one time.


NOTE: The Fruits I'm referring to in this section are NOT fruits gotten from Seed's Trees. They are the Fruits obtained in the Chao Adventure 2 Mini-game.

Fruits can cause a wide variety of effects in your Chao, from inducing a 'mating season' to improving their abilities. These fruit are invaluable to raising your Chao. All fruits from seeds increase stamina by 1. Here's a quick list of known Fruits and their effects.

Fruits Found
Peace Fruit Calms a Chao Down
Triangle Fruit A triangle-shaped fruit. Doesn't do anything special
Square Fruit A square-shaped fruit. Doesn't do anything special
Round Fruit A round-shaped fruit. Doesn't do anything special
Wonder Fruit ???
Chao Fruit Increases physical skills.
Heart Fruit Induces an Adult Chao to have a "Mating Season"
Hero Fruit Makes your Chao favor the Hero Side
Dark Fruit Makes your Chao favor the Dark Side
Smart Fruit Raises Intelligence
Energy Fruit Makes your Chao more active

Fruits are very important to raising your Chao, especially the Smart Fruit. Fruits can be found in treasure chests and given to your Chao by game characters in Chao Adventure 2.