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Chao Adventure 2

Info on Chao Adventure 2


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Chao Adventure 2


CA2 is a mini-game that you play on the VMU. In order to install the mini-game onto the VMU, it MUST have at least 128 free Blocks of memory and have buttons and a veiwscreen. To install the game into the VMU all you have to do is take the Chao you want to have in the game over to the Chao Transporter button. Select the VMU you want the game to be in and it will install the game and put your Chao into it. To take your Chao out, step on the button and select it and any fruits/seeds you want to take out also.

In the game, your Chao will walk/fly/swim around and go on it's little adventure. There are many different adventure scenarios and it would take a looong time to name all the possibilities. If you use your best judgement you should be able to complete the adventure easily and maybe even earn a seed.


There are several different menu options, each one does an important function. Here's a list of menu option and what they do:

Status This option allows you to veiw your Chao's name, Physical abilities, Luck and Itelligence
Snack This allow you to feed your Chao a snack that you win at the Slots, they make it happier
Pet Pet your Chao, it will be happier and you'll encourage it to continue walking if it stops
Scold Select this to scold your Chao. This may be nessisary sometimes
Items This lets you discard, you check any Fruits or Seeds you have collected
Slots Press A to start the wheel spining, press it again to stop each section, you could win snacks
Hello If you link up 2 VMUs with CA2 on them, you 2 Chao will meet and mate (if they're adults)
Owner Veiw your personal info in the VMU, the categories are below
Name Your name
Age Your age
Sex Male/Female
Birthday Your birthdate
Blood Type Your blood type(The japanese use this as like a Horrescope to determine your personality)
Favored Your favorite thing
Secret Your secret
Friend Veiw other VMU's data when your connected to it (or once had connected to it)
Options Leads you to more options, listed below
Chao Choose your Chao's name
Owner Edit your personal info
Sound Turn the sound On/Off


Once in awhile your Chao will get into a fight with a bully Chao, this battle is easy. Notice the 6 circles on the bottom of the screen, these are your chances to hit the opponent, the black circles are a miss, and the white circles are a hit. The circles will enlarge in a sequence pattern, press A when a white circle is enlarged to get a hit. Both Chao can take 3 hits before they fall. If you lose the battle(and have an item) you will lose a item you were carrying (not a snack).

Adventure Interruptions

Sometimes during it's adventure, your Chao might trip and fall, or fall asleep, or start drawing, which will halt your adventure until you help it. All you have to do is give it a snack or a pet and it'll continue it's adventure.


VMUs need batteries in order to run outside of a DC. It takes 2 CR2032 batteries (watch batteries) to run. You should be able to find them at jewelers or anywhere they have watches.