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Chao Statistics

First thing to know. Chao have stats, which determine their strength. These are the different categories of stats:

PWR - How powerful your chao is.
SWM - How good your chao swims
FLY - How good your chao flies
RUN - How fast and less clumsy your chao runs.
LCK - How lucky your chao is.
INT - How smart your chao is.
STA - How long your chao can last without a performance hit.

These stats can be altered. More on that next.

Colors, Affects
As you progress through the game, you will see animals and glowing tubes. The animals, well, are....animals. The glowing tubes are called Chao Drives. They both raise some parts of stats, and decrease others. Each color adds most to a certain stat, as follows:

Green - Adds to RUN stat.

Yellow - Adds to SWM stat.

Purple - Adds to FLY stat.

Red - Adds to PWR stat.

How do you tell which animal goes in which group? They will have a colored border around them.


When your chao is in the egg, how you treat the egg affects its face and personality. Here is the different personalities and faces:

Happy Face
Don't touch the eggs, just let them hatch with time.

Normal Face
The normal chao face is kind of tricky, but I got used to it and it's normal for me now. You have to shake the egg for about 4-7 seconds, but no less or more.

Evil Eyes Face
Jump around the garden with the egg (Perferably with Shadow), then set it down.

Sleepy Eyes Face
Shake the egg for about 2-5 minutes.

Upside Grin, Evil Eyes Face
Follow the same steps as the Evil Eyes Face, but do it for 2-5 minutes.


Chao express themselves by a little Ball-like object above their head. He's a translation.

Spiked Ball, Ball, Halo... Normal Mood
Question Mark... Chao is thinking of doing something
Exclamtion Mark... Chao has made up his mind about doing something
Heart... Chao is happy with you
Swirl... Chao is confused/Disoriented
Eyes closed, lying down... It's sleeping. Don't bother it by waking it up or feeding it or it will be mad at you.

Affects of Animals

Anyway, different animals affect chao in different ways. We get into that now (You must have Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher or Netscape 4.7 or higher to view the tables correctly). And not only do these animals change the appearance of your chao, but they also give your chao special abilities.

Note: These stats vary depending on the chao, these numbers are just an average.

Red Animals SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Tiger -4 -8 10 18 Sharpens Nails
Bear 4 -8 2 18 Roars
Gorilla -2 -4 2 20 Beats Chest

Green Animals SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Rabbit 0 4 20 -8 Hops
Cheetah -4 -4 20 4 Washes Face
Boar -2 -8 16 8 Dashes

Purple Animals SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Parrot 0 24 -10 2 Sings
Peacock 6 24 -8 -6 Strutts
Condor -10 30 -12 8 Sit-Ups

Yellow Animals SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Seal 20 -8 0 4 Rolls Over
Otter 22 -2 4 8 Back Strokes
Penguin 18 6 4 12 Belly Slides

Blue Animals (Special) SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Raccoon 10 6 2 4 ----
Sheep 4 6 10 10 Somersaults
Skunk 4 6 6 4 Farts

Orange Animals (Imaginary) SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Dragon 10 2 4 16 Breathes Fire
Unicorn 8 6 18 0 Bucks Feet
Phoenix 6 16 2 8 Wags Tail

Black Animals (Ghost*) SWM FLY RUN PWR Affect
Bat 4 20 4 4 Levitates
Half Fish 16 0 4 12 ----
Skeletal Dog 4 4 6 8 Allows Mask

*Note: Ghost chao will change your chao in weird ways. For example, a bat is known to make your chao's legs disappear, and a skeletal dog will allow your chao to wear a mask. If you feed enough ghost, the ball above the chao's head will turn into flame.

Where to find Animals
Here is a list of where to get certain animals. There

City Escape Raccoon Skunk Sheep Unicorn Rabbit
Metal Harbor Penguin Seal Raccoon Peacock Phoenix
Green Forest Cheetah Rabbit Parrot Half Fish Raccon
Pyramid Cave Bat Peacock Condor Skeleton Dog Condor
Crazy Gadget Skunk Phoenix Tiger Seal Bear
Final Rush Condor Peacock Penguin Sheep Dragon
Cannon's Core Rabbit Cheetah Parrot Dragon Skunk

Prison Lane Tiger Otter Gorilla Sheep Unicorn
Mission Street Rabbit Boar Gorilla Sheep Phoenix
Hidden Base Penguin Otter Skunk Tiger Half Fish
Eternal Engine Condor Parrot Raccoon Dragon Boar
Cannon's Core Seal Otter Raccoon Phoenix Bear

Wild Canyon Condor Peacock Cheetah Dragon Sheep
Pumpkin Hill Bat Boar Cheetah Half Fish Skeleton Dog
Aquatic Mine Skunk Seal Penguin Condor Dragon
Death Chamber Tiger Gorilla Rabbit Skunk Dragon
Meteor Herd Penguin Rabbit Seal Phoenix Sheep
Cannon's Core Seal Cheetah Otter Raccoon Unicorn

Radical Highway Cheetah Seal Boar Raccoon Unicorn
White Jungle Parrot Bear Peacock Skunk Dragon
Sky Rail Tiger Sheep Phoenix Condor Bear
Final Chase Penguin Tiger Otter Skunk Phoenix

Dry Lagoon Otter Peacock Penguin Unicorn Sheep
Egg Quarters Bear Parrot Gorilla Skunk Half Fish
Security Hall Parrot Tiger Condor Raccoon Phoenix
Mad Space Peacock Parrot Gorilla Raccoon Phoenix
Cannon's Core Cheetah Board Dragon Skunk Condor

Iron Gate Gorialla Tiger Rabbit Dragon Skunk
Sand Ocean Peacock Bat Parrot Skeleton Dog Raccoon
Lost Colony Boar Rabbit Raccoon Bat Skeleton Dog
Weapons Bed Seal Cheetah Sheep Otter Phoenix
Cosmic Wall Cheetah Rabbit Otter Unicorn Sheep
Cannon's Core Bear Gorilla Unicorn Seal Skunk

Chao Drives
So now that we know about Animals, what the heck are chao drives? Well, we haven't quite figured out exactly how much chao drives raise a stat. As soon as we do, it will be up here. If you would like to keep your chao looking natural, the Chao Drives are perfect since they don't change the looks of your chao. Machines throughout the game drop these, and different colors appear with no set position (random).

Chao Death and Reincarnation

Chao don't live forever and, eventually, all Chao will go back into their egg cocoons and disappear.

There is no way to prevent this, and, if your Chao doesn't leave behind an egg, no way to bring your Chao back.

However, if your Chao leaves behind an egg after it cocoons and disappears you can hatch the egg and get the

"Reincarnate" of your lost Chao. This Chao has the same name of the last one and slightly leans towards the same preferences of the last one (physical traits, personality) but otherwise it's like a new Chao.

Your Chao have to be extremely affectionate with your character in order for it to reincarnate. Some tips to really boost their affection are...

Be sure to keep your Chao well fed, but don't overfeed them.

Try to pet them or cuddle them when they trip, they really appreciate it.

Chao love walks, try to take your Chao on walks.

If a Chao can't swim, they appreciate it when you take them out of the water when they're struggling.

Never throw or hit your Chao, that alone can kill them if it happens too much.

Give your Chao lots of Chaos Drives and Animals.

Every once in a while cuddle your Chao (petting usually tells them you approve of their behavior, cuddling just gives them affection).

Take your Chao to classes every now and then.

Let them know you like what they're doing, pet them when they do good.

Besides that, just overall be nice to your Chao and they will probably want to stay forever.